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During my years of travel as an Artist I have found time to sketch or take photos on the ranches of Texas,or Arizona. While on the road and at home in the resort community of Scottsdale Arizona I have started to sketch at the local resorts of my destination. Whether in the mountains of Vail, Colorado on the coast of California or attending an event such as a Shakespeare Festival I have a sketch book. As a visual journal,my sketch book helps me reflect on these experiences back in my creative space studio.

What I have discovered as I create in my studio these studies have more life because of the action of doing the sketches on location. The different environments of traveling outside of my creative space and then allowing me to return to my work with more intention, passion and energy to both my new resort series as a different subject and my main body of work through my contemporary cowboy paintings. I hope you enjoy the images of my resort series of drawings, sketches, and paintings. My hope is to share life visually with you through my adventures of these experiences from my studio.

Creative Space Studio  

We all seek a creative space for imagination and inspiration in our lives and I want to invite you to my studio. The need of every Artisan is a space to work and create. These few images of my studio and thoughts to inspire you will hopefully help you to fill your creative view of life. We are all viewers of Art and I am inviting you to explore your imagination to complete the creative process in your own space. My creative space studio is open by
appointment – to open the creative process of my paintings or just to give you inspiration to follow your dreams of creativity. Driven by design, I use simple shapes to establish a strong composition on the canvas. I then work the under-painting with dramatic color and texture for high visual impact.
It is through my art form that I intuitively paint to express the worn rugged spirit of the American West in my contemporary style. Every painting is an exploration of these experiences and my objective is to share them with the viewer.